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     This website is part of our psychology Museum and Resource Center. Over the years we have created several on-line exhibits highlighting for example the contribution of under-represented groups to psychology ( The present website was created in a continuing effort to stimulate and encourage interest in the comparative analysis of behavior and was developed by undergraduate members of the Laboratory of Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Biology at Oklahoma State University. The laboratory is affiliated with the Oklahoma State University Department of Psychology and the Department of Integrative Biology and is part of our Comparative Psychology track in the Department of Psychology ( Our site, and its companion (Famous Comparative Psychologists), is an on-going project and we welcome constructive comments and suggestions on additional comparative psychologists we can include. When submitting ideas please provide a photograph of the particular individual you would like us to include.

     The stamps were created using Zazzle ( and are official U.S. Postage stamps. We have added QR codes which enable the user to go directly to a website that provides biographical information on the particular comparative psychologist. An article on how to use Zazzle to make your own stamps is available (Abramson, C. I., & Long, S. L. (2012).  The use of Zazzle to turn historically important psychologists and movements into U.S. Postage stamps: the example of Charles Henry Turner. Innovative Teaching. 1, 5.  doi: 10.2466/11.IT.1.5

For a good start about the importance of comparative psychology and what it has to offer students at all levels of the educational system we encourage you to read:

Abramson, C. I. (2015). A crisis in comparative psychology: Where have all the undergraduates gone? Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1500. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01500

Abramson, C. I. (2015). A crisis in comparative psychology: Where have all the undergraduates gone?: additional comments. Innovative Teaching, 4, 7. doi: 10.2466/10.IT.4.7


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